My name is Mike and I like movies.  I started this blog in order to post at least one review per week of movies that I’ve seen either in the theater or on DVD.  Reviews are labeled “In Theaters,” “Redbox Special,” or “Netflix Notables” so that you will know the manner in which I watched the movie and where to find it.  Redbox Specials will be DVD only and likely available at your local rental kiosk, while Netflix Notables will refer to that dwindling library of films which can be instantly streamed on the Netflix website.

I’m mostly interested in reacting to and reviewing movies on their own terms, but I’ll occasionally veer off into theological territory.  I love all kinds of movies, but have traditionally been least interested in horror and romantic comedy.

I have been compiling a collection of cinematic still frames at unmovingpictures.tumblr.com. I blog more about myself and God at mikerad83.blogspot.com. You can follow me @radcliffemk.

You can see my previous writing about movies here.

My reviews are summarized with the four-star system.  This is for convenience and quick reference, not because it’s the best way of representing a movie’s value.

**** – Four Stars – This movie excels.  This is a veritable work of art, at the very least within its genre if not across the board.  I expect any film with this rating to rank high among my favorite movies in a given year (ex:  Pan’s Labyrinth, Vertigo, Dr. Strangelove).

*** – Three Stars – This movie works.  This is a well-made film that delivers on its premise–most really good genre films fit this category (ex:  The Fugitive, Jurassic Park, Serenity).

** – Two Stars – This movie doesn’t work.  This is a decent film with a handful of issues that kind of mess up the overall experience of the movie (ex:  Spiderman 3John Carter, Star Wars Episode I:  The Phantom Menace).

* – One Star – This movie fails.  Sub-par:  this movie fails to fundamentally deliver on its premise, and therefore is not worth the time and money (ex:  Hot Tub Time Machine, Star Trek V:  The Final Frontier, Raising Helen).


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