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$5 Bin 6/14/2012

You get to drink from the… FIREHOSE!

On the Web

-A Pixar storyboard artist shares her 22 rules for good storytelling.

Feminist Frequency on sexist tropes in popular culture: #1 “The Manic-Pixie Dream Girl” a.k.a. “Garden State is a Stinking Pile of Hipster Navel-Gazing BS” and #6 “The Straw Feminist“, which actually turned my opinion on whether it was a problematic trope or just post-feminist/post-liberal wit.

-Henry Hill, real life inspiration for Goodfellas, died this week. He was 69.

The A.V. Club championed UHF as a YouTube-age comedy made in the 80s.

-People are surprised that Madagascar beat Prometheus at the box office, but isn’t it inevitable for well-made, popular family comedies to beat out R-rated sci-fi epics?

-You can now launder your counterfeit money while playing as a decapitated horse head in Monopoly’s new Godfather edition.

-Or you can wish you stayed current with and bought this Weyland-Yutani Shirt to wear to Prometheus this week.

“Head” of State – Game of Thrones creators are taking flak this week after they called attention to the in-show appearance of George W. Bush’s severed head on a DVD commentary track. They’re claiming it was an unintentional and apolitical action, but given that the show is apparently (I’ve never watched it) about cynical abuses of power can we really believe them? According to the linked article above Republican leaders are flipping out about this, insisting that the office of POTUS demands respect no matter what. Sounds like an idolatrous and fascist view of authority to me. Christians who take exception to this view can go read David Koyzis and then get back to me.

In Theaters

That’s My Boy (21%, R) – Adam Sandler’s latest movie looks to be another ho-hum incarnation of his aggressive man-child shtick. It’s the ludicrous success of movies like this that should keep critics like me aware of our humble niche vis-a-vis the vox populi of mass entertainment.

Rock of Ages (46%, PG-13) – This 80’s hair-metal musical sounds awesome, but apparently it kind of sucks.

Headhunters (91%, R) – An apparently thrilling foreign film about art thieves. It’s showing at Pittsburgh’s Regent Square Theater this week.

So, if you’re looking for an R-rated comedy this weekend rent Role Models or dig up an old Farrelly brothers movie. If you’re jonesing for Sandler, find someone with a copy of Happy Gilmore and pretend like you’re 14 again–OR learn to appreciate Punch-Drunk Love for the unsettling comedic gem that it is.

If you need to watch a musical, watch Singin’ in the Rain, something else classic, or cross your fingers and hope the Les Mis adaptation coming out this year doesn’t suck. If it’s the 80’s you crave, it seems you’d be safer re-watching something from John Hughes.

I’d love to go to Madagascar or Headhunters this weekend (or on $5 Tuesday), so let me know if you’re interested. I would also be totally down with seeing Prometheus again.

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$5 Bin

Hey everyone, trying something new here. I’d like this to maybe become a weekly entry where I can share some of the interesting film-related things I found on the web and look ahead to what I expect to show up on the blog in the next week. This will include brief comments on what’s hitting theaters.

On the Web

-The very well-received Moonrise Kingdom (Wes Anderson’s latest) has yet to see wide release, but a related animated short has surfaced on offered this head-spinning summary of the formal academic responses to the original Alien movie.

-Quentin Tarantino’s latest film, Django Unchained, has a teaser trailer (embedded below). It’s his second tale of minority revenge against white oppressors in a row.

-Somebody placed the Vertigo score over the beginning of The Dark Knight, greatly improving it (imho).

-Somebody else (The Film Sufi) recently wrote-up the best piece I’ve read so far chronicling the problems with that film (TDK). I was never able to enjoy it the way everybody else seemed to, and am therefore always intrigued by attempts to work out just what was wrong with this critically beloved and commercially successful film.

In Theaters

Prometheus (75%) – Less than perfect reviews have muted my expectations some, but director Ridley Scott made two of the hands-down best sci-fi films with 1979’s Alien and 1982’s Blade Runner and then abandoned the genre for thirty years. It should prove to be one of the better science fiction movies in recent memory.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (76%) – What one would expect to be a crappy cash-in on a worn out kid’s franchise is getting positive buzz as a decidedly unnecessary movie that’s nevertheless full of energy, color and fun.

Safety Not Guaranteed (93%) – Despite a plot that sounds unbearably twee, this indie flick about young journalists and an “eccentric” guy who believes in time travel is apparently really good. Have to say I’m intrigued. Also, Aubrey Plaza.

I hope to see both Prometheus and Madagascar in the coming week, so reviews should be forthcoming. It’s real encouraging to know I have at least a small set of regular readers. I love your feedback and always want to hear suggestions, responses and requests. Thanks for indulging my little obsession!

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